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Refurbished Medical Equipment.
For Clinics, Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals
Radiology Equipment
Darkroom Equipment(15),
Digital/DICOM/PACS Products.,
Interventional Radiology,
Portable Radiographic(8),
Silver Recovery Systems(8),
Video Equipment(4),
Radiology Accessories
Cabinetry & Storage(11), Cassettes & Screens,
Carts(6), Exam Room Products(7),
Film Carry Cases, Cassette Holders, Pass Boxes(2),
Film Caddies, Wall Film Racks, Positioning Foam(11),
X-Ray Markers(13), Sandbags, Stools(5), Table Pads,
Lead Protection Products: Aprons(71),
Gloves(5), Mobile Barriers, Windows, Eyewear(4),
Overhead Barriers(5), Blockers,
Clear Barriers, Thyroid Collars, Gonad Protection.
Warning Signs, Quality Control, MRI/CT(15),
Mammography Products(33), Nuclear Medicine(35),
Radiation Testing(38), RADON Testing, Ultrasound(22),
X-Ray Test Products(96), Ultrasound Accessories.,

Radiology Supplies
X-Ray Film(2), Processing Chemistry,
Film Envelopes, X-Ray Screen Cleaner.
Radiology Parts
X-Ray Grids, X-Ray Collimators(5), Collimator Lamps,
High Voltage Cables, Video Monitors, Video Cameras,
Camera Tubes, Image Intensifiers(4), X-Ray Tubes(6).

Our goal is to supply quality medical equipment, both New and Used to existing Clinics, Hospitals and Medical Professionals. We are adding new items every day so bookmark our site. If you have a need for equipment not included on our site, send us an E-Mail requesting us to list it.