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Digital Radiology Support Cart.
CR/Digital Support Carts.
Mobile carts for CR Readers, Digitizers, Viewers, Monitors, Keyboards and other support or mobile equipment.
Transportation Carts
Big Wheeled Transportation Carts.
Big Wheels with lots of storage make these Heavy Duty Carts the ideal choice for moving files over carpet, driveways and elevator thresholds.
CR-Plate Carts!
CR-Plate and Cassette Protective Carts.
All of these carts feature impact resistant padding on shelves and vertical surfaces to prevent damage to expensive CR-Plates and/or Cassettes.
Exam Room Cart!
Exam Room Mobile Cart.
An affordable, yet top quality medical exam room supply cart with 5 drawers and power coated paint.
Mammography & Records Carts
Mammography & Records Carts.
Carts designed especially for mammography film, medical records, and similary sized documents.
X-Ray Cassette Carts
Regular Cassette Carts.
These are ideal for holding and temporary storage of cassettes, boxes of film, caddies, jackets, etc.
Side Loading Carts
Side Loading Carts.
These carts enhance file room efficiency and organization with flexible applications.
Slim-Line Carts
Slim-Line Combo - Film/Cassette/Jacket.
Unibody construction make the Slim-Line Carts an open transporter with high visibility of film, cassettes, and jackets.
Popular Top Loading Carts!
Top Loading Carts.
The most popular, all-purpose, medium duty carts.
Medical Supplyi/Utility Carts!
Supply/Case/Utility Carts.
A full line of supply, distribution and utility case carts for medical facilities.
Surgical Case Carts!
Surgical Case Carts
Stainless Steel, closed sided carts designed for use in the OR and other procedure rooms.
Open Utility Carts!
Open Case Carts
A wide array of open sided carts including Lightweight Utility Case Carts, Supply Carts, Distribution Carts, Procedure Case Carts, and more.