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TOMAHAWK Portable Cassette/CR-Plate Holder/Positioner.

Diagnostic Imaging Systems!
The TOMAHAWK Portable Cassette Positioner is a lightweight piece of equipment that allows for omni-directional cassette positioning at various distances and angles, but also safeguards the technician holding it out of the harmful x-ray beam away from danger.
--UNIQUE, Safe, Convenient and Secure--

The "Tomahawk" cassette holder has three major components: 1. The cassette clamp assembly 2. The vertically adjustable ground supporting post with tighteners 3. The adjustable handle with cassette clamp attachment device

At time of order SPECIFY: Flat Panel or Cassette.

  • Handle rotates to left or right side of holder
  • Lightweight, sturdy aluminum 2.5 lbs.
  • Spring loaded cassette clamp allows easy cassette or contact tunnel changes.
  • Holds small, medium, and large cassettes, up to 14x17..
  • 1.20" is max plate thickness.
  • Bubble level on top of cassette clamp.
  • Two telescoping handles. Long: 32" - 54" and Short: 0" - 20".
  • Handles double as vertical cassette holder support posts, allowing ground contact for cassette positioned 0" - 54" above ground level. Long handle mounts on left, right, or centered on cassette holder.
  • Telescoping 20" center leg ground support post/handle.
  • Positioning handle elbow has discrete cassette tilt angles (360° rotation) allowing for compound views.
  • Easily fits and stores into any mobile unit.

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