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X-Ray Film Processor!
Automatic Film Processor
A table top automatic film processor that is still available!
Chem Mixers!
Chemical Mixers.
Versatile Chemicals Mixer for use in X-Ray, Graphics Arts, and Photo Products.
Densitometers / Sensitometers!
Densitometers, Sensitometers and Processor Q/C Software.
Must-have test equipment and software which allows you to track the condition of your film processing equipment over time!
Light Tight Film Case!
Film Case (Light Tight).
The Light tight film case (shown mid-page) allows exposed films to be transfered from a location without processing to the darkroom without the worry of exposing the films!
Film Duplicators!
Film Duplicators.
X-Ray Film Duplicators make copies of existing x-rays!
Film ID Printers!
Film Identification Imprinters, Tape and Cards.
System which allows for permanent imprinting of the patients name/facility name/date/etc directly onto an x-ray film prior to development!
Utility mats!
Utility mats designed for use in darkrooms where chemicals may be spilled on them.
Passboxes/Pass-Through Window.
Cassette passboxes and pass-through windows allow light tight passage of cassettes and other items in and out of the darkroom.
Revolving Doors!
Revolving Darkroom Doors.
Doors which allow personnel to enter and exit darkrooms without the worry of exposing films.
All types of safelights from Fluorescent to floods, to spots. Even darkroom flashlights!
Darkroom In Use Signs!
Darkroom (and other) in use signs
Silver Recovery Systems!
Silver Recovery Systems.
Remove silver from your fixer and maintain enviromental compliance!
All types of Thermometers from floating to clip-on, electronic to dial types.
Darkroom Timers!
Darkroom Timers to ensure proper immersion timing!