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Sensitometers and densitometers work in tandem. Sensitometers are used to imprint analog film with a standard set of exposures. When that film is developed, or when using Digital/PACS output, a densitometer is used to read the optical density of the exposures and chart a profile against a known set of standards. This profile alerts you to fluctuations in processing conditions (analog) and/or imager output (digital) and allows you to take corrective action.

  • Consistent quality images for diagnosis.
  • Fewer retakes and less patient exposure to radiation.
  • Progress in meeting standards requirements.

  • The densitometer products we carry include both manual spot reading and auto-scanning densitometers. The spot reading models are perfect for field use, providing the same accuracy as larger, table-top models.

    We carry three different brands for you to choose from.

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    ESECO-Speedmaster Instruments!
    Eseco-Speedmaster Products.
    Eseco corporation produces a full line of products including desktop, portables, and QC Software.
    Fluke Biomedical!
    Fluke Biomedical Products.
    Fulke offers a set of "Smart" easy to use hand-held Sensitometer/Densitometer