Oprax Medical Inc.

Darkroom Thermometers.

Wolf! X-Ray Corporation
Dial Thermometer
Calibrated from 0-140°F, made of stainless steel, and comes with a cup for floating in the tank.

Glass Thermometer
Wolf's glass thermometer floats in the developing tank. It is calibrated from 0° to 100° Fahrenheit.

Stainless Steel Thermometer
Features a stainless steel shell and hook for hanging on the tank. Wolf's Stainless Steel Thermometer is calibrated for accuracy between 20° and 150° Fahrenheit.

Digital Thermometer
Runs on a standard watch battery (included) and comes with a lifetime warranty. Registers temperatures from -40° to 300°F. Just place it in the solution and press the button. The temperature is digitally displayed on a LCD.

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