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Patient transport stretcher!
Economy Transport Stretcher
A top quality, budget prices all aluminum alloy patient transport stretcher.
MRI Safe Stretchers!
MRI Safe Stretchers (2)
Patient Stretchers constructed of non-ferrous materials which are safe for use around most 3-Tesla and less MRI units.
Techno-Aide Biodex
P-170 Series Stretchers!
P-170 Series.
A fixed height, cost efficient, general transport stretcher.
5110 Series General Transport Stretcher!
5110 Series General Transport Stretchers
A full-function, economical, general transport stretcher for applications which do not require hydraulic height adjustment.
Pedigo 5400 Series Stretchers!
5400 Series Stretchers
A full-function, economical general transport stretcher with hydraulically operated height adjustment.
750 lbs stretcher.
7500 Series
Pedigo's high-capacity stretcher for Bariatric patients up to 750lbs.
Pedigo's 7500-NE Stretcher!
7500-NE Series
A version of Pedigo's newest stretech designed specifically for eye, neck and head surgery.
Patient Stretcher Chairs!
Multi Purpose Stretcher Chairs.
Radiolucent Stretcher-chairs for both standard patient procedures in and out of radiology.
Pediatric Stretcher/Crib!
Pediatric Stretcher/Crib.
A full function Stretcher/Crib which allows for 97% access to your pediatric patients.