Oprax Medical Inc.

Radiation Protective Apron Accessories.

Lead Apron Support Belts!
Back Support Belts.
Back support belts transfer the lower half of the aprons weight onto your hips - thus providing weight relief to your shoulders.
Lead Apron Carry Bags!
Carry Bags.
Convenient carry bags that provide protection or all your x-ray protective apparel.
Lead Apron Racks!
Wall Racks/Mobile Racks and Hangers
Racks and heavy duty hangers help insure your apron is stored in a manner that prevents damage to the shielding layers inside!
Storage Bags Hangers Mobile Racks Wall Mounted Racks
Lead Apron Cleaner!
Surface Cleaner/Sanitizer Sprays and Wipes.
Products designed to either clean and/or sanitize you leaded garments.
X-Ray Protective Thyroid Collars!
Thyroid Collars.
Extend the protection of your apron further up and protect your thyroid gland from exposure!
Bar-Ray Infab PNWX Prolite Elite Techno-Aide Wolf Disposable Thyroid Collar Covers