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Scoliosis Stole Lead Apron!
Breast / Scoliosis Stole.
A special lead apron which provides breast and lung protection without compromising spinal image quality.
Bar-Ray Comfort Wrap Lead Apron!
Comfort Wrap.
This apron makes an ideal choice for individuals who prefer a comfortable, solid one piece design with a minimal amount of hook-n-loop required to keep the apron securely in place during use.
Demi Lead Aprons!
Demi Aprons and Rack
A series of small half aprons with a vinyl covered spring steel belt for quick on and off.
Bar-Ray Dental X-Ray Aprons!
Dental Apron.
A Patient Protection Dental Apron with permanently sewn-on Thyroid Collar.
Bar-Ray Deluxe Apron!
Bar-Ray's premiere frontal protection apron with your choice of 2" buckle or Hook and Loop Adjustable Belt which crosses the back for a comfortable fit.
Bar-Ray Economy Apron!
Bar-Ray's economically priced, with 1" ties at the waist and Hook and Loop Adjustable shoulder strap keep apron snug.
Bar-Ray's Economy Stretch Belt Frontal Apron!
Economy Stretch Belt Frontal.
A full frontal apron designed with a back saver web buckle belt that is fully adjustable.
Bary Ray Vest/Skirts!
Mix-n-Match Skirts and Vests.
Bar-Ray's new line of Vests and Skirts allow you to choose your best combination of styles.
OR Flex Lead Apron!
OR Flex.
Similar in style to the Vari-Flex apron, with the addition of Hook-and-Loop Fasteners at the shoulders, for quick drop-off in the OR
Bar-Ray Patient Aprons!
Patient Aprons.
Bar-Rays patient aprons for gonad protection during exams.
Pediatric Lead Apron!
Both frontal protection and wrap-around aprons specifically designed with the needs of your ped's patients in mind!
Bar Ray's NEW Reverse Stretch Wrap!
Reverse Stretch Wrap.
A full wrap with reverse stretch now available for extra comfort.
Bar-Ray Standard Apron!
Bar-Ray's standard frontal protection lead apron.
Surgical Lead Apron!
Surgical Drop-Off.
A lead apron which is designed to be removed from under surgical gown without compromising sterile fields.
Vari-Weight Apron!
An apron where weight is evenly distributed by fully adjustable Hook and Loop Adjustable straps that cross in the back.
Vari-Flex Apron!
Like the Vari-Weight, except this model makes use of an elastic strap in the back.
Veterinarian Lead Apron!
A very durable apron manufactured with a smooth grey surface which lessens the damage caused by animal claws.
Wide Belt Lead Apron!
Wide Belt.
A frontal protection apron with a 6" wide elastic belt transfers the apron weight off the shoulders to the hips.
Wide Belt, Wrap Around Apron!
Wide Belt Wrap Around.
A full front and rear protection apron with the addition of a wide belt which removes the weight from the shoulders and transfers it to the hips.
Lead Apron Accessories!
Apron Accessories (5)
Various supplemental products to enhance the performance of your leaded apparel.
Back Support Belts Carry Bags Racks/Hangers Cleaners Thyroid Collars