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Dental Bib Apron!
Dental Bib Apron.
Designed for maximum protection, this bib apron covers the body from head to knees and is backed with a tear resistant cling back lining for comfort and durability.
Dental Bib Lead Apron!
Dental Bib Apron With Attached Collar.
The same as the standard bib apron, but with an attached thyroid collar.
Pediatric Dental Lead Apron!
Childs Bib Apron.
The same great protection for the smallest patient in your office. Available with or without an attached thyroid collar.
Panoramic lead apron!
A lead apron designed expressly for maximum patient protection during panoramic radiograph exams.
Lead Apron Accessories!
Apron Accessories (5)
Various supplemental products to enhance the performance of your leaded apparel.
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