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Pregnancy Apron!
Care-Guard, Pregnancy Apron.
A lead apron designed with the pregnant women in mind, which features extra protection in the fetal area.
Half-Pregnancy Apron!
Pregnancy Half-Apron.
A half-apron with full 1.0mm protection where it counts - but for a lower cost than a full pregnancy apron.
Child Guard Apron!
A full frontal protection apron specifically designed for younger patients
Demi-Guard Apron!
A small half-apron which is quick on and off and is designed for gonad protection during exams.
TA Dental Aprons!
Techno-Aide's dental drape offering.
TA Economy Apron!
Techno-Aide's Econo-Guard apron provides excellent protection at a value price point.
Techno-Guard EZ!
EZ Guard.
An all purpose, general procedure apron with adjustable fit.
Flex-Guard Apron!
A weight adjusting, flexable back apron which comfortably places more weight on hips, less weight on shoulders
Kiddie Kovers!
Kiddie Kovers.
Shielding blankets specifically designed with children in mind!
Adult Lap Guard Apron!
Adult Lap-Guard.
An adult sized half apronette with 1" buckle and 1" wide belt.
Kids Lap Guard Half Apronette!
Kids Lap-Guard.
A half apronette designed for your pediatric patients!
Max Guard Plus!
Max Guard Plus.
Just like the regular Max Guard apron, except this model features a built-in back support and 2" buckle closure.
Techno-Aide Max Wrap Plus!
Max Wrap.
A full-body, wrap-around full protective coat style lead apron which distributes the weight between the shoulders and hips.
Techno-Aide Opti0Guard X-Ray Vest!
Opti-Guard Safety Vest.
A all new, One-piece Specialty Safety Vest with Built-in Protection for Shoulders and Upper Arm!
Ortho-Guard Apron!
A front protection apron which features a tethered back support belt with Buckle-Closure.
OR-Guard Apron!
Another surgical drop-off apron similiar to the Standard "Surgical Drop Off" but with a flexible back like the Flex-Guard
Scolio-Guard Scoliosis Shawl
Scoliosis Shawl/Spinal Stole provides for radiation protection during neck and cervical views.
Child Scolio-Guard!
Childrens Scolio-Guard.
A pediatric sized version of the Scolio-Guard Apron.
Surgical Drop Off Apron!
Surgical Drop Off.
An apron which slides off easily from under sterile gowns.
Semi-Guard Apron!
An extra coverage version of the Demi-Guard with Hook and Loop Adjustable Closure.
Vest-Skirt Aprons!
Vest-Skirt, For Women.
A full coverage system with two garments designed for women.
Vest-Kilt Apron!
Vest-Kilt, For Men.
A full coverage system with two garments, designed for men.
All New Vest Wrap Apron!
Vest-Wrap, For Men and Women.
Techno-Aide's all new vest/skirt with solid front and back panels.
Lead Apron Accessories!
Apron Accessories (6).
Various supplemental products to enhance the performance of your leaded apparel.
Back Support Belts Carry Bags Cooling Panels Racks/Hangers Cleaners Thyroid Collars