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Techno-Aide's Max Guard Plus Wrap Around Full Protection Apron with Back Support!

Full Body Protection with Back Support
  • Same specs as Max-Guard, plus built-in back support with Hook and Loop Adjustable and 2" buckle closure.
  • Inner back support keeps weight snug on hips, keeps bulk of the garment off the back.
  • Excellent for Special Procedures.
  • 2-Year Warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • Custom sizes available in a variety of styles.
  • Free embroidery.

  • Shown here in #16/High Tech Textured Crocogator

    Introducing SUPER LIGHT.....LMG = LEAN, MEAN & GREEN!

    All New Lead-Free Protection:
  • Lean on weight (over 45% lighter than regular lead)
  • By comparison: Size Medium in Regular Lead = 17.5#, Light Wt. = 13.6#, Lead Free = 9.6# (these are approximates).
  • Mean on protection (protects as well as lead)
  • Green on the environment (lead-free means eco-friendly)

  • Do You Need a Thyroid Collar, Eyewear, Carry Bag, Cleaner/Sanitizer Sprays, or Storage Rack to go with this apron?

    Lead Protection
    Closure Type
    Petite Size

    (Stock # / Your Price)
    Small Size

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    Medium Size

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    Large Size

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    XL Size

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    2XL Size

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    3XL Size

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    Light Weight
    MXL-P / $369.23
    MXL-S / $369.23
    MXL-M / $369.23
    MXL-L / $387.69
    MXL-XL / $387.69
    MXL-2X / $406.15
    MXL-3X / $406.15
    LMG (Lead Free)
    MXG-P / $415.38
    MXG-S / $415.38
    MXG-M / $415.38
    MXG-L / $433.85
    MXG-XL / $433.85
    MXG-2X / $452.31
    MXG-3X / $452.31

    How to measure for your Techno-Aide Wrap Apron.

    What do the standard size measurements mean?

    The measurements listed in our product descriptions for Techno-Aide lead apparel are the actual sizes of the protective material.
  • Width: guards at least half your circumference;
  • Length: guards from your sternal notch to just above or below your knee, depending on your preference;
  • Around: guards the maximum circumference listed.

  • Techno-Aide Fabric Selection & Embroidery Options.

  • Selected Techno‚ÄĘGuard Protective Apparel (thyroid collars are NOT included) comes with one line (up to 23 letters and spaces) of Embroidery FREE!
  • Additional lines or optional Hook-and-Loop Fasteners on patches are available. Please specify what you would like embroidered and which type style you prefer ("BLOCK" used if not specified).
  • Custom Embroidered Logos are available; call for a quote.
  • Embroidered items are non-returnable, non-refundable.

  • Available Fabric Choices.
    Stock #
    Your Price
    Additional Embroidery Per Line
    Above Pocket
    Removable Hook-n-Loop
    Embroidered Name Patch
    Embroidered Images
    Embroidered Images, Custom
    Available Embroidery Images.
    Available Embroidery Type Styles.

    Removable Name Patch.