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Leaded Apron and Vest!
Apron and Vest.
Wolf's unique apron & vest set distributes weight evenly between shoulders and hips. It also comes with an attached Thyroid Collar.
Leaded Apronette!
Wolf's half-apron which is quick on and off and is designed for gonad protection during exams.
Lead Coat Apron!
Wolf's coat apron features a 2" adjustable belt buckle which helps lift the weight of the apron off your shoulders.
Conventional lead apron!
Offering full frontal protection, these aprons are held on the shoulders by sturdy 2" webbed straps that fasten on the sides with Hook and Loop Adjustable.
Easy Wrap Lead Apron!
Easy Wrap.
An easy on/off apron by Wolf which is also easy to adjust with it's two side Hook and Loop Adjustable closures.
Easy Wrap with Collar!
Easy Wrap with Collar.
Same as the East Wrap Apron above, but with an attached Thyroid Collar.
Special Procedure Lead Apron!
Special Procedure.
This apron features "all around" protection to cover you front, side and rear while making use of an elastic belt to help lift the weight off your shoulders and back!
Wolf X-Ray Special Procedure Apron!
Front Closing Special Procedure Apron.
A surgical coat apron that distributes weight uniformly across the shoulders, allowing hours of comfortable wear without fatigue.
Wolf X-Ray Quick Drop Apron!
Quick Drop.
A surgical apron designed for the express purpose of maintaining an uncontaminated sterile field in the OR!
Lead Apron Accessories!
Apron Accessories (5)
Various supplemental products to enhance the performance of your leaded apparel.
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