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Pediatric Specific Shielding Products
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Pediatric Lead Apron!
Bar-Ray's Pediatric Aprons.
Both frontal protection and wrap-around aprons specifically designed with the needs of your peds patients in mind!
Pediatric Lead Protective Apron.
Techno-Aide's Child-Guard Frontal Protection Apron.
A full frontal protection apron specifically designed for younger patients.
Child Scolio-Guard!
Childrens Scolio-Guard
A pediatric sized version of the Scolio-Guard Apron.
Kiddie Kovers!
Techno-Aide's Kiddie Kovers
Shielding blankets specifically designed with children in mind!
Female x-ray breast shields.
Techno-Aide's Breast Guard
A female breast shield available in pediatric sizes.
Pediatric Dental Drapes!
Techno-Aide Dental Drapes/Panoramic Dental Drapes.
Dental drapes available in peds specific sizing.
Pediatric Thyroid Collars!
Bar-Ray's Pediatric Thyroid Collars.
Sold as a set of three sizes, these collars provide full protection for all your peds patients.
T/A Thyroid Collars!
Techno-Aide's Pediatric Thyroid Collar.
A thyroid collar specifically designed for children. Available in three different protection types!
Pediatric Lead Diapers!
Bar-Ray's Pediatric Diapers and Gonad Shields.
Lightweight Gonadal protection for peds patients.
Kids Lap Guard Half Apronette!
Techno-Aide's Lap-Guard
A half apronette designed for your pediatric patients!
Techno-Aide's Gonadal Guard!
Techno-Aide's Gonadal Guard
Pediatric Gonad Shields in sizes from neonatal up to small children.
Pediatric Breast Shields!
Bar-Ray's Pediatric Breast Shields.
Perfect for pediatric spinal exams - smaller alternative to the scoliosis stole that may be too large for children.