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IMRT Homogeneous Phantom.

Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Inc! Complete QA from CT imaging to dose verification


  • Check 2D dose distributions (3D distributions optional)
  • Point dose measurements in multiple planes
  • Calibrate film with ion chamber quickly verify individual patient treatment plans
  • Correlate CTU to electron density

  • The CIRS Model 002H5 IMRT Phantom for Film and Ion chamber Dosimetry is designed to address the complex issues surrounding commissioning and comparison of treatment planning systems while providing a simple yet reliable method for verification of individual patient plans and delivery.

    The 002H5 is homogeneous and elliptical in shape. It properly represents human anatomy in size and proportion. It measures 30 cm long x 30 cm wide x 20 cm thick (PA). The phantom is manufactured from a unique proprietary material that faithfully mimics water within 1% from 50 keV to 25 MeV.

    Water equivalent interchangeable rod inserts accommodate ionization chambers allowing for point dose measurements in multiple planes within the phantom. The phantom also supports radiographic or GafChromic® film at mid-plane in the phantom for analysis of dose distributions. Optional inserts are available to support a variety of other detectors including TLD's, MOSFET, and diodes.

    Handling, assembly and proper orientation of the phantom is made easy with the use of a unique alignment base and holding device. The surfaces of the phantom are etched for ease of laser alignment, and CT markers ensure accurate film to plan registration.

    IMRT Verification System
    CIRS IMRT phantoms are manufactured from tissue equivalent materials that mimic within 1% from 50 keV to 25 MeV for accurate simulation from CT planning to treatment delivery. An interchangeable rod design allows the phantom to accommodate a multitude of dose measurement devices such as ion chambers, TLD, diodes and MOSFET's in the same location within the phantom. Phantom cross sections accommodate GafChromic® or standard ready-pack films.

    Model 002H5 Includes:
    2) - Tissue equivalent sections, one drilled to accommodate solid rod inserts
    1) - Set of CT to film fiducial markers
    5) - Water equivalent solid rod inserts
    1) - Water equivalent rod insert with ion chamber cavity
    1) - Alignment Base
    1) - Holding device

    Click Here to download ION Chamber Cavity Codes for Dosimetric Phantoms.

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    IMRT Phantom - Quick Film & Ion Chamber Dosemitry
    (CV=CIRS Cavity Code Specify Ion Chamber)
    Case for 002H5 Phantom when ordered with Cavity Slab
    Case for 002H5 Phantom when ordered with no Cavity Slab

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    Optional Accessories
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    Single Breast Attachment for IMRT Phantom (350cc)
    Additional CT to Film Fiducial Markers
    (for IMRT Phantom price per Interface)
    Set of 4 Electron Density Reference Plugs
    Lung, Avg. Bone, Muscle, Adipose
    Film stack for 3D Image Reconstruction
    for IMRT Phantom
    Homogeneous Slab to Accommodate
    Models 002FC & 002GC
    Bone Equivalent Rod with Ion Chamber
    Cavity for IMRT Phantom
    (CV=CIRS Cavity Code specify Ion Chamber)
    Lung Equivalent Rod with Ion Chamber
    Cavity for IMRT Phantom
    (CV=CIRS Cavity Code specify Ion Chamber)
    Water Equivalent Rod with Ion Chamber
    Cavity for IMRT Phantom
    (CV=CIRS Cavity Code specify Ion Chamber)
    Water Equivalent Rod for TLD's for
    IMRT Phantom (set of 5 Rods, length 5cm)
    Water Equivalent Spacer Slab, 1cm thick,
    for IMRT Torso Phantoms (Oval Shape
    for 002H5, 002H9K, 002LFC & 002PRA only)