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CIRS Water Equivalent Mini Phantom.

Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Inc! Permits precise evaluation of scatter

The Water Equivalent Mini Phantom for Radiotherapy eliminates scatter radiation and X-Ray beam electron contamination during the ion chamber measurements at a reference depth of 10 cm. Phantom material is Plastic Water® and precise machining improves the dosimetric accuracy and reliability of LINAC beam MU calibrations.

The Phantom satisfies the requirements of ESTRO Booklet 3 "Monitor unit calculation for high energy photon beams" for Output, Volume-Scatter and Scatter-Primary Ratio measurements.

The Model 670 provides an excellent tissue simulation and opportunity of true dose comparison with the 30 x 30 cm Plastic Water® slab phantom. By positioning the ion chamber at a reference depth of 10 cm, the Mini Phantom allows the physicist to isolate and investigate the influence of scatter radiation on a reference dose measured in a slab phantom. The Model 670-S Mini-Phantom stand allows for vertical or horizontal postioning of a .6cc Farmer and smaller diameter chambers. Precise three axis rotation improves measurement accuracy.

Click Here to download ION Chamber Cavity Codes for Dosimetric Phantoms.

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Water Equivalent Mini Phantom
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