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Mammography BR3D Phantom.

Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Inc! For Tomosynthesis and Breast CT

The CIRS Model 020 BR3D Breast Imaging Phantom assesses detectability of lesions of various sizes within a tissue-equivalent, heterogeneous background.

In traditional 2D mammography, cancerous masses may be camouflaged by superposition of dense breast tissue. Tomosynthesis can help to eliminate this overlap by capturing multiple image "slices" of the breast that can be combined to create 3D reconstruction. As this new technology gains momentum in breast imaging, CIRS identified a need for a more realistic phantom to allow complex system checks.

Model 020 contains six heterogeneous, breast-equivalent slabs, which accurately demonstrate how underlying targets can be obscured by varying glandularity. Each slab consists of two tissue-equivalent materials mimicking 100% adipose and 100% gland tissues "swirled" together in an approximate 50/50 ratio by weight. Because each slab has a unique swirl pattern, the phantom can be arranged to create multiple backgrounds. One slab contains an assortment of microcalcifications, fibrils and masses and can be positioned at varying depths. All semicircular-shaped slabs measure 100mm x 180mm x 10mm. Slabs with different gland-to-adipose ratios by weight are available by request.

  • Tests Tomosynthesis and Breast Computed Tomography.
  • Complex background provides greater challenge for target detection.
  • Slab configurations provides range of thicknesses with or without targets.
  • Tissue equivalent adipose and gland tissues "swirled" in approximate 50/50 ratio by weight.

  • Specifications...
    OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 3.9" x 7.1" x 2.4" (100mm x 180mm x 60mm).
    INDIVIDUAL SLAB DIMNESIONS: 100 mm x 180 mm x 10 mm, semicircular shape.
    PHANTOM WEIGHT: 0.88 kg (1.94 lb).
    Slabs: epoxy resin
    Specks: CaCO3 Spheroidal Masses: epoxy resin (breast carcinoma formulation).

    Model 020 Set Includes...
    1) 020-1 BR3D Breast Imaging Target Slab.
    5) 020-2 BR3D Breast Imaging Background Slabs.
    1) - User Guide.
    -) - 48-Month Warranty.

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    BR3D Breast Imaging Phantom Set includes one 020-1 and five 020-2.
    BR3D Breast Imaging Target Slab.
    BR3D Breast Imaging Background Slab.