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Anthropomorphic Phantoms
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Angiographic Head Phantoms!
Angiographic Head Phantoms.
The Anthropomorphic Quality Assurance Phantom.
Whole Body X-Ray Phantoms!
Anthropomorphic/Whole Body Phantoms (3)
A complete offering of full-body phantoms including the Famous PIXY®.
CIRS SPoRT Pediatric RSD - PIXY®/Wounded Willy/Damaged Debbie. Rando
Section Phantoms!
Anthropomorphic Sectional Phantoms (3)
Body Sectional Phantoms
CIRS Sectional RSD Sectionals The Phantom Lab Sectionals
Mammo Phanton!
Anthropomorphic Mammography Phantom.
Mammography Teaching/Training Phantom.
Lung/Chest Phantoms!
Lung/Chest Phantoms.
The next best thing to human lungs for radiographic studies.
Ultrasound Test/Training Phantoms!
Ultrasound Phantoms (28)
Ultrasound test and training phantoms.
Uniformity Accreditation Phantom Female Pelvis Male Pelvis Lumbar Training Neck/Thyroid Prostate General Purpose Resolution Test Gray Scale Test Elasticity QA Near Field Multi-Tissue UltraiQ Q/A Software 2D & 3D Evaluation Multi-Modality Male Pelvic Brachytherapy QA Vascular Access Training Abdominal Biopsy Needle Breast Biopsy Breast Elastography Breast Biopsy Trainer Visualization Training Fetal Fetal Biometrics Doppler Ultrasound Flow Simulator Quantitative Doppler String Blood Mimicking Fluid