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Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) Phantoms

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Anthropomorphic Torso SPECT Phantom!
Anthropomorphic Torso SPECT Phantom.
An Anthropomorphic Torso Phantom fou use in the evaluation of non-uniform attenuation and scatter compensation methods of SPECT Imaging.
Flangeless Deluxe PET/SPECT Phantoms!
Deluxe Flangeless PET/SPECT Phantoms.
Phantoms which provide consistent performance information for any SPECT or PET system.
Jaszczak SPECT Phantom!
Jaszczak SPECT/PET Phantom.
A SPECT/PET performance phantom with a wide array of tests.
PET Scatter Phantoms!
Scatter Phantoms.
Phantoms designed to test scatter fraction, count losses and random measurements in accordance with NEMA-NU2-2007.
Lung-Spine SPECT Phantom!
Lung-Spine SPECT Phantom.
A SPECT Lung-Spine Phantom consists of two chambers that are shaped to simulate the lungs.
NEMA 2007/IEC 2008 PET Phantom!
NEMA 2007/IEC 2008 Whole Body Test Phantom.
A PET phantom which simulates whole-body imaging using PET and camera-based coincidence imaging techniques.
PET-CT Phantom!
PET-CT Phantom.
A dual-modality (PET-CT) phantom which includes internal structures, when imaged with both modalities, can demonstrate how accurately the two image sets are aligned.
PET Sensitivity Phantom!
Sensitivity Phantom.
A PET phantom designed for testing camera sensitivity.