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Ultrasound Needle Breast Biopsy Phantom with Amorphous Lesions.

Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Inc! The perfect training device for ultrasound guided needle biopsy procedures.

The Model 052A accurately mimics the ultrasonic characteristics of tissues found in an average human breast. The size and shape of the phantom simulates that of an average patient in the supine position.

A special holding tray facilitates proper hand position during the training procedures.

Protected by a membrane, the phantom's flesh-like consistency, Zerdine®1 simulates needle resistance. Each cystic mass may be aspirated once while each solid mass may be biopsied multiple times. Cyst material is stained green and solid masses are black for easy identification.

The Model 052A Ultrasound Needle Breast Biopsy Phantom with Amorphous Lesions was developed by those skilled in the art of ultrasound guided needle biopsy procedures and is the ideal training device.

  • Improve eye-hand coordination.
  • Build confidence and reduce patient anxiety.
  • Test new equipment.
  • Experiment with new techniques.
  • Instruct others.
  • Contains cysts which can be aspirated.
  • Contains solids which can be biopsied.

  • Model 052A Specifications:
    Size: 600cc
    Width: 12cm
    Length: 15cm
    Height: 7cm
    Zerdine® 1 solid elastic water-based polymer.
    Freezing Point: 0°C
    Melting Point: Above 100°C
    Attenuation Coefficient: 0.50 dB/cm-MHz
    Velocity of Sound Through Background Medium: 1540 m/s ± 10 m/s
    Target TypeColor
    Cystic MassesGreen8-15mm
    Dense MassesBlack6-12mm

    (1) US PATENT# 5196343

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    Ultrasound Needle Breast Biopsy Phantom w/ Amorphous Lesions.