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Quantitative Ultrasound Phantom.

Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Inc! Tissue Equivalent Calibration Standard

One method for assessing osteoporotic fracture risk is with Quantitative Ultrasound or QUS. QUS systems use ultrasound to measure the acoustic properties of the heel. Primarily QUS systems measure the Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation (BUA) and Speed of Sound (SOS) of the os calcis. The physician can utilize these values, along with other risk factors, to identify patients in need of more extensive screening as well as monitoring disease progress and response to therapy.
The Model 063 QUS Phantoms have a known SOS and provide a linear response of BUA (Broadband Ultrasonic Attenuation) in the diagnostic frequency range for assessment of bone quality. Two different models are available. The Model 06301 represents Normal Heel and the Model 06302 represents Osteoporotic Heel. These phantoms provide a standard of reference that can be integrated into a quality assurance program for various QUS Systems.

Each phantom is provided with a data sheet that records the acoustic properties as measured by CIRS. The phantoms come in a standard rectangular shape but customized shapes are available by quotation. For Hologic systems a special wedge adapter, Model 06303, is available for purchase.

  • Linear response in the diagnostic frequency range.
  • Can be molded into any shape (custom manufacturing).
  • Mimics calcaneus bone.
  • Proven construction methodology.
  • Known material properties permit phantom to be used as a calibration tool with various QUS systems.

  • Specifications...
    Material: Proprietary Urethane
    Dimensions: 60cm x 36mm x 70mm
    Speed of Sound Range: 1500-1600 m/s at room temperature

    Test Conditions in CIRS Acoustic Laboratory...
  • Water bath
  • Transducer center frequency = 0.5 MHz
  • Sampling frequency = 20 million samples/sec.
  • Frequency range for BUA evaluation = 0.25 - 0.55 MHz
  • Temperature = 21.3 °C

  • Acoustic Properties
    Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation (BUA), dB/MHz
    75 ±5
    50 ±5
    Speed of Sound (SOS), m/s
    1560 ±40
    1520 ±40
    BUA vs. Temperature (dB/MHz per ºC)
    SOS vs. Temperature (m/s per ºC)

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    Quantitative Ultrasound Phantom Normal Heel
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