Oprax Medical Inc.

Patient Positioning Foam Products.
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CT Arm Holder!
CT Patient Arm Positioning
A device designed to give patients something to hold onto while their arms are overhead in a CT Tunnel.
Infab Individual Foam Blocks!
Individual Sponges.
A wide range of Wedges, Rectangles, Circular Blocks, Finger Blocks and much more!
Techno-Aide General Foam Kits!
General Sponge Kits.
A complete selection of general radiology foam positioning kits.
Specialty Positioning Sponge Kits!
Specialty Sponge Kits.
A line of positioning foam kits for various special applications such as Orthopedics, Extremity, Skull and Cervical, Pediatrics, Bariatrics, Special Procedures, and Trauma as well as wedge kits.
Decubitus X-Ray Positioner!
Lateral Decubitus Positioner with Bolster
A speciality positioner intended to aid technologists in positioning patients for cross-table lateral examinations.
MRI Safe Positioning Products.
MRI Safe Positioning Sponges.
Positioning Sponges designed to be used in the MR department. Products include comfort pillows and leg rests.
Wheelchair positioning sponge!
Wheelchair Patient Positioning Sponge
Patient Positioning Sponge perfect for propping up cassettes behind patients in wheelchairs.