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Techno-Aide CT EZ-Patient Arm Positioning Device.

CT EZ-Positioner
With more than 80 million CT Scans performed annually and growing, more patients are in the medical imaging suite. They are regularly put into uncomfortable positions to achieve good diagnostic imaging. Often patients must hold their arms over their head and stay still lengthy examinations. Staying in this position can lead to patient discomfort & fidgeting, which can lead to distorted images. Patients naturally want something to hold onto. It is often difficult for patients to get their arms over their head. Particularly, patients that may be older or have previous shoulder problems.

This device gives patients something to hold onto while their arms are overhead. Because patients are more comfortable & are able to stabilize themselves, the images turn out better thus minimizing repeats and extra radiation.

This positioner works very well for patients undergoing contrast imaging procedures providing an added benefit of not compromising IV lines. It also works well for patients who must undergo needle biopsies and drainages.

5 1/2” arm handles will accommodate most patient positions.
Strap to table or use the patients weight to hold in place. 14”wide x 28” long.

Ships in 1 box, 3#, at 31" x 8" x 15".

Allow 7 business days to manufacture.

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