Oprax Medical Inc.

Medical Seating and Stools.

Century Series Seating Products Line
Brewer Company Stools. (5)
Brewer manufactures a full line of popular medical stools for all types of practices.
Century Series Dental & Optical Millennium Value Plus Series Exam and Power Tables
OFM Seating and Chairs!
OFM, Inc. Stools and Chairs (26).
OFM is a world renown manufacture of office seating products who has now added anti-bacterial products their line to accommidate the medical market!
Pedigo Seating Products!
Pedigo's Stools. (6)
Pedigo manufactures a quality line of medical stools in a wide range of styles and colors.
Phlebotomy Chairs!
Phlebotomy/Blood Drawing Chairs.
Chairs specifically designed for use in phlebotomy/venipuncture procedures.
Clinical Chair by Techno-Aide!
Techno-Aide's Clinical Chair
A recliner which is ideal for Oncology, PET Centers, Dialysis, IV Therapy, same day surgery, and other healthcare environments where patients need to sit and relax for long periods of time.
Techno-Aide Stools!
Techno-Aide's Stools.
In stock and ready for shipment, Techno-Aide offers both a Screw Adjustable Stool as well as a Pneumatic Stool
Step Stools!
Step Stools.
Built with every day considerations in mind, these standards will provide lasting service.
Standard MRI Safe
Chairs and funiture for the radiologist!
Techno-Aide's Seating/Chairs and Funiture for PACS Workstations. (17)
Desk chairs dnd funiture designed for the professional radiologist's reading station.