Oprax Medical Inc.

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Cardboard Storage Boxes!
Film Storage Boxes
A Handy and affordable way to pack away old films
Records and Mammography Film Cabinets!
Records & Mammography Film Cabinets
Convenient storage of Mammography films and Medical Records. Certain models comply with HIPAA* privacy regulations!
Limited Space? Here is an answer!
Special Size Cabinets
Ideal for limited space storage requirements.
Modular Storage Cabinets
Stackable Cabinets
Build YOUR ideal storage solution!
Your best all around value
Standard File Cabinets
General all around storage!
Ideal for limited work areas!
Stationary Workstations
Storage and a workstation in one unit!
CD, DVD and DAT storage!
CD, DVD and DAT Storage Shelves
Makes media storage a snap!
Retrofit Doors!
Retrofit Doors
Retrofit doors for existing cabinets! Adding these doors to open cabinets can make them HIPAA* compliant!
Transportation Carts!
Record carts, x-ray/radiology film carts, mammography film carts, x-ray casette carts and more! Some available with locking doors for HIPAA* compliance!