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Radiation Badge Storage Systems!
Badge Storage Systems
Radiation badge storage boards for a complete system of accountability.
X-Ray Technology Reference Books!
Books, Technologist Training/Teaching/Reference.
Merrill's Atlas of Radiographic Positioning and Procedures and much more!
GI Compression Paddlei!
Compression Paddles.
Designed for applying compression during various procedures.
Lead Markers!
Film Markers
Over a dozen pages of lead markers, letters, position indicators and more.
Lead Protection!
Radiation Protection Products (Lead)
Lead Aprons, Thyroid Collars, Gloves, Glasses, Barriers, and windows.
Mobile Imaging Caddy!
Mobile/Portable Imaging Accessory Caddy.
A handy accessory designed for mobile x-ray systems which keeps everything typically used in portable service close at hand.
Step Wedge!
Step Wedges.
An 11 Step Penetrometer made of high purity Aluminum.
Stethoscope Cover for Pediatricians!
Stethoscope Covers
Fun and furry animal covers for your stethoscope - ideal for peds department!