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DR X-Ray Systems!
DR Systems.
Direct digital capture x-ray imaging systems.
SR-130D Digital X-Ray!
Complete Direct Digital (DR), Portable X-Ray Systems.
A direct capture, digital portable x-ray system with onboard computer workstation/image enhancement system.
CD/DVD Media and Packaging!
Custom Printed CD/DVD Storage Media and Packaging.
Medical Grade CD/DVD Media and generic and/or custom printed packaging imprinted with your facility name/logo/graphics.
PACS Desks/Workstations and Accessories (17)
Desks designed for the digital radiology reading room. These systems are tough and ready for heavy duty use!
Digital Workstations!
PACS Workstations.
Computer systems specifically configured for use as DICOM compliant image viewing and manipulation systems.
Mammoviewer AVS!
Mammoviewer AVS.
A reconfigured version of the Standard Mammoviewer designed specifically to allow the comparison of older film mammograms with newer digital images.