Oprax Medical Inc.

ExamvueDR - Digital DR Imaging System.

JPI Healthcare Solutions Inc!
  • 17" x 17" Cassette Sized Detector.
  • Automatic Exposure Detection - No generator interface required!
  • No Calibration Needed.

  • Features...
  • One of the highest DQE, and a great MTF when compared with competitive amorphous silicon (a-Si) TFT flat panel detectors.
  • Quick image acquisition via a Gigabit Ethernet interface.
  • Ideal for a wide range of radiographic applications including Medical (Chestboard & Table), industrial, veterinary, chiropractic and even portable x-ray.
  • Requires no interconnection to the generator and therefore is easily added to any type of x-ray system from any manufacture.
  • Panel is easily and quickly moved with all connections via a single circular connector.
  • Increases radiology productivity while producing high resolution and wide dynamic range (14-bit) images.
  • Highly durable DR-panel can handle day to day rigors of any radiology operation.

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    Complete DR Flat Panel Imaging System including...
    1) 17x17 Cassette Sized Flat Panel Sensor
    Acquisition Software
    Desktop Computer System w/21.5" LCD Display
    Examvue PACS in a box with 500GB Computer. Includes...
    3 viewer licenses, base computer and 21.5" LCD Display

    Application: General Radiography
    Sensor: a-Si TFT array Flat Panel Detector.
    Scintillator: Gadolinium
    Active Area: 17" x 17" (430mm x 430mm)
    Sensor Array Pixle Configuration: 3,072 x 3,072
    Pixel Pitch: 139µm
    A/D Conversion Depth: 14 bit.
    Typical Preview Access Time: 2-5 seconds (approx.)
    Image Capture Cycles Time: 2-5 seconds (approx.)
    Wired Data Interface: Gigabit Ethernet.
    Capture Trigger Method: Automatic X-Ray Detection.
    Operational Power: 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
    Environment Storage: 14°F - 140°F (-10°C - 60°C), 10%-90% RH (Non-condensating)
    Environment Operational: 50°F - 95°F (10°C - 35°C), 20%-75% RH (Non-condensating)
    Dimensions: 18.1"W x 18.1"L x 0.59"H (460mm x 460mm x 15mm) Cassette Sized for table or wall bucky/tray.
    Weight: 8.4lbs (3.8kg)