Oprax Medical Inc.

JPI's 240HF Non-Human Use X-Ray System.

JPI Healthcare Solutions Inc! Portable Veterinary Mixed Animal X-Ray Generator
  • High frequency inverter type generator.
  • Digital displays of kV, mAs and exposure time (sec.).
  • Self-manageable APR function with memory key.
  • Stable output by dynamic voltage compensator.
  • Self-detection of error conditions.
  • Available bucky interface kit.

  • Powerful output covering most radiographic technique.
  • Superb images with a high quality, small focal spot X-Ray tube.
  • Excellent reproducibility not offered by line voltage fluctuation.
  • Reduced the hazards of X-Ray radiation.
  • Prolonged lifetime of X-Ray tube.
  • Plug into ordinary power outlets.

    Input Power: 110/220 or 220/230VAC 50/60Hz, single phase
    Max. Output: 2.4kW
    Inverter Frequency:60kHz
    Tube Voltage (kV):40~120 kV
    Tube Current x Time (mAs): Max 40mA, 0.4~120 mAs
    Exposure time (sec): 0.02~0.4 seconds
    X-Ray Tube Focal Spot Size: 1.2mm
    Beam Limiting Device: Full field light beam type with 30 sec. timer
    APR: 27 keys (9x3)
    Dimensions (WDH): 238 x 340 x 194 mm
    Carrying Case: Made of rigid aluminum box
    Weight: 36# (16.33kg)

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