Oprax Medical Inc.

JPI's Ultra Lightweight High Frequency Portable X-Ray System.

JPI Healthcare Solutions Inc! Designed for equine and small animals

Lighter and more powerful than almost any other equine unit, this hand held generator is small enough to be held and positioned easily yet strong enough for even the most difficult stifle and spine exposures.
The 9020HF comes digital-ready, with both our standard heavy duty handswitch and an RJ-11 cord socket for interfacing with digital detectors.

  • High frequency inverter type generator (100kHz)
  • Digital display: kV, mAs
  • Price includes a 'soft' case
  • Self-diagonisis function to detect error conditions
  • Self manageable APR function with memory key (5 exposure conditions)
  • Excellent reproducibility not affected by line voltage variation
  • Can be wired for 220-50/60 hz, no extra cost, usually within 2 business days

  • Specifications:
    Max output power: 1.44 kW
    High frequency inverter type (100kHz)
    kV rating: 40~90kV, 1kV increment
    mA rating: max 20mA
    mAs rating: 0.4 ~ 32 mAs, 93steps at each kV step
    Exposure time: 0.02 ~ 2.0 sec
    Cool-down period: 2 min at maximum output
    Total filtration: min. 2.55 mm Al equivalent @ 70kVp.
    X-ray tube: focal spot size: 1.22mm, target angle: 19 degrees.
    Anode heat storage capacity: 13.5kHU (10 kJ).
    Full field light beam collimator with laser pointer
    Weight: Approx. 13lbs (6kg)
    Dimensions: 5"w x 6"h x 11 5/8"d. (144mm x 295mm x 157mm), excluding hand grip
    Line input power: 110VAC or 220VAC, 50/60Hz
    Shipping weights and dims: 28# / 18" x 21" x 21"

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