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MinXray 100kV / 30mA High Frequency Portable X-Ray System.

  • Compact, Lightweight HF100H+ combined with XGSMKIV stand weighs only 90 lbs.
  • High frequency full-wave rectified power supply makes maximum use of electrical input; miinimizes potentially harmful lower kV x-rays.
  • Automatic, dynamic line voltage compensation ensures repeatable results.
  • CPU Control provides for optimum accuracy of output.
  • 5 memory stations for storing frequently used x-ray exposure techniques.

  • MinXray's full-wave rectified high frequency units are the most efficient portable x-ray generators in the world. Conventional units (self rectified, line frequency) are only about one-third as efficient as these technologically advanced units. Therefore, considerably more radiation output per pound of system weight is available from the MinXray HFdesigns. As an added benefit, the output of these units is independent of line voltage variations.... a very important feature for field use.

    Output: 30 mA @ 40-60 kVDC; 25 mA @ 62-80 kVDC; 20 mA @ 82-100 kVDC
    Timer: Ultra High Resolution 0.08-4.00 sec., 0.01 increments
    Input Voltage: 100-140 VAC or 200-260 VAC, specify unit
    Line Voltage Adjustment: Automatic, dynamic
    Internal Power Supply: Constant potential, 60 kHz, full-wave rectified
    X-ray Tube: Toshiba D-124S
    Focal Spot Size: 1.2 mm
    Anode Heat Storage: 20 kHU
    Total Filtration: 4.2 mm Al equivalent
    Collimator: Continuously adjustable light beam type with central x-ray indicator
    Exposure Switch: Two stage deadman type
    Exposure Cord: 8 feet (2.44 meters)
    Power Cord: 20 feet (6.1 meters)
    Size: 9.5 in W x 8.75 in H x 16 in L (24.1 cm x 22.2 cm x 40.6 cm)
    Weight: 45.6 lb (20.7 kg)

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    Portable X-Ray System
    Optional Carrying Case for HF100H+
    Optional Gas Spring Portable Mobile Stand w/16" Wheels