Oprax Medical Inc.

Portable Medical X-Ray Systems!
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DR Digital X-Ray Systems
Complete Direct Digital (DR), Portable X-Ray Imaging Systems
Complete direct capture, digital portable x-ray systems with onboard workstation and image enhancement system.
PowerMax 1260 High Frequency Portable X-Ray System!
PowerMax 1260 High Frequency/High Powered, Portable X-Ray System.
A full 3kW, 120kVp/60mA portable x-ray system is one of the most powerful portables available that plug into standard wall power!
SR-130 by Source Ray Inc!
SR-130 High-Powered Film or CR Based Portable X-Ray System
Source-Ray's classic and very popular portable 3.0kW x-ray system for use with film and CR based digital systems.
SR-115 Portable!
SR-115 Medium Powered, Film or CR Based Portable X-Ray System.
Source Ray's newest 1.5kW portable x-ray system with the generator fullly contained in the tube head.
PXS-810 Podiatry!
PXS-810 Podiatry X-Ray System.
A top quality, high-frequency x-ray system for the Podiatry Professional at an affordable price.