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Source-Ray Film & CR Based Podiatry X-Ray System.
Source-Ray! The Model PSX-810 was designed to provide superior imaging performance and convenient patient positioning for the Podiatry professional. The PXS-810 incorporates a High Frequency Generator to provide maximum mR/mAs, and has a microprocessor output of 80kV at 10mA. With its 0.5 mm focal spot x-ray, and high output generator, the model PXS-810 provides Excellent Image Resolution and Faster Exposure Times for Podiatry Radiography. The PXS-810 Radiographic Base has vertical slot to accommodate 10 x 12 film cassettes, and provides Patient Safety Railings that ensure safe positioning for physically unstable patients.

  • High Power Output (0.8kW).
  • 80 kVp, 10 mA, 30 mAs.

  • High Frequency Generator.
  • Microprocessor Control.
  • Counterbalanced Locking Arm.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Designed for Reliability.
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish.
  • Optional Remote Control.
  • Limited 1 year Warranty.
  • Dimensions:

  • Specifications Generator / Tube

    X-Ray Generator
    High frequency resonant inverter.
    Input Voltage
    115/230 VAC, 50/60hZ
    kVp Range
    40-80 kVp, adjustable in 1 kV increments
    closed loop regulation.
    mA Range
    Fixed, 10 mA - closed loop regulation
    0.10 - 30
    Power output
    0.8 kW
    Digital display of kVp and mAs.
    X-Ray, Ready and Fault indicators.
    Detachable two-position.

    Exposure Switch
    Detachable two-position.

    X-Ray Tube
    Stationary Anode, 90 kVp
    2.9 mm aluminimum
    Target Material
    Anode Heat Capacity
    20,000 HU Storage
    Focal Spot Size
    0.5 mm
    Target Angle

    Specifications Collimator / Base

    Advantech R72/32-ET
    Remote Control

    Radiographic Base
    30" x 30" x 41.3"
    76.2cm X 76.2cm X 104.9cm
    Source to Image Distance (SID)
    28" / 71cm
    Balanced Locking
    Arm Rotation
    Tube Rotation

    System Weight
    80lbs. / 36 kG

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    Podiatry X-Ray System
    Optional Remote Control:
    a remote wall mount control
    head for the x-ray generator.