Oprax Medical Inc.

Model 870, Pain Management C-Arm Table.

Biodex Inc! Ideal for pain care applications

  • Low attenuation carbon fiber tabletop, with innovative contour design High-speed actuators assure quick, three axis motorized tabletop positioning
  • Convenient positioning controllers
  • Smooth starts and stops programmed into all motorized movements
  • 500-lb patient capacity
  • Face cutout for comfortable prone positioning
  • Low profile base for C-Arm clearance
  • Accessory rails

  • Featuring a large radiolucent area, motorized actuation of height, lateral roll and Trendelenburg motions, the 870 is ideal for pain care applications.

    Accommodates portable or ceiling-suspended C-Arms
    Designed for procedures where stability, access, and precise, quiet, vibration-free positioning are essential, the Pain Management C-Arm Table is excellent for image-guided procedures. A cantilevered low attenuation carbon fiber tabletop accommodates portable or ceiling-suspended C-Arms. The radiolucent area is free of cross members, allowing full fluoroscopic visualization and unobstructed C-Arm positioning. Functional design provides complete access with reduced radiation exposure to clinicians. Patient comfort and stability are assured by two-inch thick table padding and three adjustable straps with VELCRO™ brand hook and loop fastening. A face cutout is provided for prone positioning.

    Quick, safe control
    A portable hand-held controller and optional foot-operated controller can be positioned for convenient access from any point around the table. The portable hand-held and optional foot-operated controllers offer the freedom to adjust

    height, lateral roll, and Trendelenburg motions from locations away from the table, or when hands are busy with other functions. The hand-held controller hangs on an accessory rail when not in use.

    Innovative Contour Design Top: Biodex C-Arm tables feature a uniquely contoured tabletop. This design fully accommodates C-Arm positioning for closest possible access to the cervical spine, achieving optimum image resolution. A second benefit to the contour design is the added workspace at the head end, while maintaining the narrowness required for cervical procedures. As required by law, all Biodex C-Arm tables are CDRH registered and FDA Device Listed.

    All motorized tables are ETL product listed to the UL-60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment Safety Standard.


    Dimensions: 93" l x 26" w (233 x 66 cm) with OR accessory rails
    Tabletop: 90" l x 24" w (228.6 x 61 cm)
    Radiolucent Area:
    - 60" l x 24" w (152.4 x 61 cm) unobstructed head to accessory rail
    - 4" l x 17.5" w (10.1 x 44 cm) additional, between accessory rails
    Radiolucent Area, Total Length: 64" l (160 cm)
    Tabletop Material: Carbon fiber with integral head section
    Mattress: 2" thick (5 cm)
    - Tabletop: .7 mm Aluminum equivalence
    - Mattress: .5 mm Aluminum equivalence

    - Height Adjustable: 30" to 40" (75 to 100 cm)
    - Trendelenburg: 0° to 20°
    - Reverse Trendelenburg: 0° to 20°
    - Lateral Roll: 0° to 20°
    - Hand Control: activates height, lateral roll and Trendelenburg motions
    - Foot Control: activates height, lateral roll and - Trendelenburg motions
    - Head End - 3" (7.62 cm) swivel casters, integral locking system on base
    - Foot End - 5" (12.7 cm) swivel casters with central locking
    Accessory Rails: Standard OR accessory rails 30" x 1.12" x .375" (75 x 2.86 x .95 cm) mounted near foot end of table
    Patient Restraints: Three body straps
    Finish: Powder coat
    Shipping Weight: 877 lbs.
    Patient Capacity: 500 lb (227 kg); weight tested to four times the patient load rating.
    Lift Capacity: May vary between 460 lb - 500 lb (209-227 kg) based on line voltagePower: 115 VAC or 230 VAC
    Warranty: Two years
    Certifications: ETL and cETL listed to UL-60601-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 No.: 601-1-M90, EN 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2

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