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Electronic Control Concepts X-Ray Test Equipment.
Electronic Control Concepts X-Ray Test Instruments (7)
Quality x-ray test instruments for the x-ray service engineer.
Model UXI kVp, mA, and Dose Meter. Model 815 kVp/Time Meter Model 820 kVp/mA/mAs Meter Model 870 mA/mAs/Time Meter Model 8700 Pulse Counter/Time Meter Model 890 X-Ray Dose/Time Meter Model XD88 X-Ray Detector
X-Ray kVp Meter!
Digital kVp/Multimeter.
A Universal Multimeter is designed for the QC evaluation of a wide variety of x-ray machines, including standard Radiographic, Fluoroscopic, Portable, Mammography, and CT, as well as Dental and Panoramic units.