Oprax Medical Inc.

Veterinary Portable X-Ray Systems!

JPI Veterinary Portables!
JPI Brand X-Ray Generator Portables.
A full line of portable x-ray generators from JPI America!
Soyee Portables X-Rays!
Soyee Brand X-Ray Generator Portables.
Soyee offers both a low/line frequency as well as a high frequency x-ray portables to meet just about any vets use!
Ultra series x-ray portables!
Ultra Series X-Ray Portables.
Five models of portables x-ray units ranging from a lightweight (13 lb) 1.28kW unit all the way to a 25 lb. 2.8kW/120kVp model!
Ultra 8030HF Ultra 9030HF Ultra 10040HF Ultra 10060HF Ultra 12040HF Stands and Tables Equine Cassette Holders