Oprax Medical Inc.

Film/Image Viewing Equipment - By Brand Name!

Barco Display Systems!
Barco. (5)
LCD display systems for use in digital PACS viewing systems.
Coronis Coronis Mammo Coronis Color Nio MeDis Upgrade
Diversified Diagnostic Products!
Diversified Diagnostic Products, Inc. (3)
Motorized Multi-Film Viewing systems.
Mammoviewer! Mammoviewer AVS! Vidiviewer
Maxant Viewboxes
Maxant. (7)
A complete line of standard film viewing equipment.
Mammo-Techline Mediport Mini-Techline Spine-Techline Techline Thrifty-Lume DVC Viewing Kits
Techno-Aide X-Ray Illuminators
Techno-Aide. (5)
Another full line of standard film viewing equipment.
General Illuminators Ultra-Thin Illuminators Mammography Viewbox Full Spine 14x36 Bright Spot
Wolf film viewers
Wolf (11)
Another full line of standard film viewing equipment.
InSight Econoline General Practitioner Liberator Mammographic Bright-Spots / Hot-Spots / Magnifying Glass Podiatric 14x36 14x51 Trimline Standard Mobile Stands

Film/Image Viewing Equipment - By Application Type!

Portable Viewboxes
Portable / Mobile Uses. (6)
Viewboxes that can be easily adapted for portable usage and offer optional Handles and/or feet or other mounting systems.
InSight Techno-Vision Thrifty-Lume Techline MG-7 Trimline
Barco ImageTile
Digital / DICOM / PACS (10)
Complete digital viewing systems for PACS type image systems.
PACS Workstations Coronis Displays Coronis Mammo Displays Nio Displays
Economy Viewboxes
Economy / Low Cost (2)
Entry level viewboxes for customers with modest requirements and budgets.
Thrifty-Lume Econoline
Full Spine Viewboxes
Full Spine Orthopedic / Chiropractic. (4)
Large size (14x36 and 14x51) viewboxes for full spine films!
Maxant Ortho-Techline Techno-Aide Full Spine 14x36 Wolf Super 36 (14x36) Wolf Super 51 (14x51)
Regular Use Viewboxes
General Film Viewing. (7)
Standard Viewboxes for general medical and other x-ray films up to 14" x 17"
Maxant Techline Techno-Aide General Techno-Aide Techno-Vision Wolf InSight Wolf MG-7 Wolf Liberator Wolf Trimline
Viewing Centers!
High Volume Radiology / Film Viewing Stations and Systems. (4)
Motorized Film Viewing Systems and Large Size Diagnostic Viewing Systems.
DDP Mammoviewer DDP Mammoviewer AVS DDP Vidiviewer Maxant Diagnostic Viewing Centers
High Light Output Viewboxes
Industrial / High Light Output Viewboxes. (4)
Viewbox models that are ideal for Industrial and other applications requiring the highest light output possible.
Maxant Techline Techno-Aide Techno-Vision Wolf InSight Wolf Liberator
Mammography Viewboxes
Mammography Viewboxes. (5)
Viewboxes designed specifically for the reading of mammography films.
DDP Multi-Film Reader. DDP Mammoviewer AVS Maxant Mammo-Techline Techno-Aide Mammography Wolf Mammography
Podiatry and Ultrasound Viewboxes
Podiatry / Ultrasound. (2)
Viewboxes intended for small format films.
Maxant Mini-Techline Wolf PodoLite
Viewboxes for Vets!
Veterinary. (6)
Viewboxes that are idea for small and large animal practices.
Thrifty-Lume Maxant Techline Techno-Aide Standard Wolf Econoline Wolf Trimline Wolf MG-7
Bright Spot / Hot Spots!
Bright Spot / Hot Spot Illuminators. (2)
For intense illumination of excessively dark areas on any type of film.
Techno-Aide Bright Spot Wolf Bright Spots