Oprax Medical Inc.

The Mammoviewer AVS (Advanced Viewing System).

Diversified Diagnostic Products, Inc. The all new Mammoviewer AVS is a reconfigured version of the Standard Mammoviewer designed specifically to allow the comparison of older film mammograms with newer digital images. The Digital Displays (not included) mount very close to the top of the film belt, thus allowing the minimum space between the film and the digital monitor for easy image comparison!

The unit is designed with an included keyboard and mouse tray for your digital workstation (not included). Optionally, a center shelf can be ordered to replace the keyboard and mouse tray if so desired.

  • Comparison requires minimal head movement.
  • Accommodates any size monitor.
  • Convenient mouse/keyboard tray for digital display enhancement.
  • Excellent light collimation for film viewing.
  • Minimizes glare.
  • Simple, reliable and cost effective.
  • Quiet operation.


    Film Display: 4 to 6 18x24cm (in line); 4 24x30cm (in line)
    Light Collimation: Vertical: sliding shutters (manual); Horizontal: black mylar (18x24cm only)
    Maximum Light Output: Up to 6800 nit, min. of 5500 (new bulbs)
    Fluorescent Light Dimming: Yes - down to approximately 35% of maximum
    Computer compartment: Standard
    Keyboard Tray: Optional (free - just ask)
    With Mouse Pad: Center-mounted, slide-out
    Slide-Out Shelf: One left and one right of knee space 14"W x 17"D

    Drawer: 1 left side below slide-out shelf 12"W x 17"D
    Slide-Out Center Shelf: Optional - unavailable with keyboard tray
    Standard Film Capacity: 50 patients studies (4 films/patient)
    Optional Capacity: Up to 90 patient studies
    Console Knee Space: 25" with keyboard tray; 26" with slide-out shelf; 28" no shelf or keyboard
    Viewing Area: 12" x 44"
    Speed: One frame per 1-1.5 seconds
    Operation: All film movement is activated either manually by hand or foot switch (standard)
    Modes of Operation: Three
    Frame: Belt moves one frame (one set of 4 films) in the direction the switch is depressed
    Continuous: Belt moves continually until switch is released
    Next Group: Manual directional switches take you to the next film-size section
    Lighting: 4 standard 40 watt 48" F40T12 daylight fluorescent bulbs
    Distance Between Top of Film and Monitor Shelf: <1"
    Monitor Shelf: 47"W x 18"D
    Unit Dimensions: 70½"W x 21"D x 45.5"H (44" to top of monitor shelf)
    Electrical: 120V, 60Hz, 5 Amps, CSA Certified; Optional: 230V, 3 Amps
    Weight: 450 lbs. Shipped via a van line company and delivered inside your facility. Can be crated for standard truck shipment at an additional charge.

    NOTE: To provide superior light collimation, the film carrier is specifically masked during manufacture to accommodate each size of film in user-designated sections. During use, each section is loaded with the appropriate sized film. These sections can only be changed by installing a new film belt.

    OPTIONS: Additional 25 frames; Additional 40 frames; Slide-out keyboard tray with mouse pad; Center shelf (not available with keyboard tray); Frame Finder auto selector

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    Mammoviewer AVS
    Option: Center Shelf (instead of Keyboard Tray)
    Option: Frame Finder (searches for pre-programmed frames)
    Option: Extended Film Belt, 25 additional frames
    Option: Extended Film Belt, 40 additional frames