Oprax Medical Inc.

Maxant X-Ray Film Viewing Equipment.

The DVC System!
DVC Viewing Kits
Large Multi-Config Viewing Systems!
The Mammo-Techline Series
Mammo-Techline Viewbox Line.
Mammography Viewboxes
Digital Workstations!
Mediport Digital PACS Workstations.
Maxant's newest product, a computer workstation systems specifically configured for use as DICOM compliant image viewing and manipulation systems.
The Mini-Techline Series!
Mini-Techline Viewbox Line.
For small film formats including Podiatry and Ultrasound!
The Spine/Ortho Techline Series!
Spine-Techline/Ortho-Techline Viewbox Line.
Designed Specifically for Full Spine and Long Bone Film Viewing.
The Thrifty-Lume Series!
Thrifty-Lume Viewboxes.
Maxant's lowest priced viewboxes!
The Techline Viewboxes!
Standard Series Viewboxes