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Maxant DVC Viewing Center Kits for Techline Series Iluminators.

Maxant Technologies! The features and benefits of the TECHLINE can be combined with Maxant’s family of Diagnostic Viewing Centers (DVC) angled and corner mounting systems for maximum viewing flexibility. The DVC angulation system creates a two tier fixture with a vertical top tier and a bottom tier angled at 20 degrees. A TECHLINE illuminator housed in a DVC angulation system maintains all of the standard features associated with the TECHLINE, including: Centralized cluster switching, minimal 1.8" separation between tiers, roller gravity grip, etc. The DVC angulation systems provide an optimal viewing environment for easy top to bottom image comparison.

TECHLINE illuminators may also be positioned in a DVC Corner System (Pictured). The DVC Corner System combined with the DVC Angulation System provides effective use of awkward corner space. DVC corner systems allow for a single viewing panel in the top tier of the corner system and a choice for the bottom section of either a painted lower panel to cover the open area a lower panel with a bright spot capability (as shown above, bright

spot NOT included) All DVC products may be wall or counter top mounted.

IMPORTANT: The DVC systems shown here are merely the kits to make a DVC from TECHLINE Viewboxes. However, the TECHLINE viewboxes must be ordered to be included in a DVC system. In other words, they DO make a few small changes in the TECHLINE to make it work in a DVC system. Therefore, existing TECHLINE viewboxes which were not ordered to be a part of a DVC CANNOT be retrofitted later to be a part of a DVC! The prices for TECHLINE viewboxes can be found by clicking here!

How To order your perfect DVC viewing center:
DVC Viewing Centers can be built to any configuration you desire! If you need to know the pricing just follow the example below, only fill in the equipment as YOU would like it! Pricing for everything is either on this page

(for the DVC components) or on the TECHLINE Viewbox pages for the viewboxes themselves. Add these components all up and you have your viewing center!

For example, the system pictured on this page contains:
  • TS-422 - 2 over 2 viewbox (Left Side)
  • TS-444 - 4 over 4 viewbox (Right Side)
  • TS-401 - 1 Bank viewbox (Center Top)
  • SID-50 - Bright Spot (Bottom Center)
  • DVC-22 - (Listed on THIS page!) (Left side Mtg. Bracket)
  • DVC-44 - (Listed on THIS page!) (Right side Mtg. Bracket)
  • DVC-90 - (Listed on THIS page!) (For Corner)

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    1 over 1 angulation kit
    2 over 2 angulation kit
    3 over 3 angulation kit
    4 over 4 angulation kit
    5 over 5 angulation kit
    6 over 6 angulation kit

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    Corner system w/bright spot capability (Pictured in the example photo!).
    Corner system w/o bright spot capability.