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Breast Coil Covers/Drapes!
Breast Coil Drapes
Disposable Breast Coil Drapes for specific MR systems.
MRI Safe Chairs and Stools!
Chairs & Stools.
Chairs and Stools rated with no hazards to 3-Tesla!
MRI Safe Hamper!
A 18" Hamper stand rated with no hazards to 3-Tesla!
MRI Safe Instrument Stand!
Instrument Stands.
A Stainless Steel Instrument Stand rated to 3-Tesla as "no hazards!"
MRI Safe IV Pole!
IV Poles.
A Stainless Steel IV Pole rated to 3-Tesla as "no hazards!"
MRI Safety Metal Detector!
Metal Detector.
A hand-held metal detector to help save patients and staff from embarrassing and hazardous situations in the MR suite.
MRI Safe Oxygen Systems!
Oxygen Systems.
Oxygen cylinders, rate/flowmeters, wrenches, stands, and suction systems which are safe for use in the MR Suite!
MRI Phantoms!
Phantoms. (8)
Performance and Q/A phantoms for MRI scanners.
Magphan MR Performance Multipurpose Surface Coil Uniformity / Linearity Gillian Hybrid Scanning QA Multi-Modality Lumbar Multi-Modality Male Pelvic Multi-Modality 3D Anthropomorphic Skull
MRI Positioning Sponges!
Positioning Sponges
Positioning Sponges designed to be used in the MR department. Products include comfort pillows and leg rests.
MRI Warning Rugs!
Safety Carpets
Two different rugs with strong warnings about MRI magnets in the area.
MRI Sandbags!
Positioning and support sandbags filled with MRI safe sand!
MRI Safe Stools!
Step Stools.
Stools which are safe for use in and around the strong magnetic fields that are a part of MRI scanners.
MRI Safe Stretchers!
Stretchers/Transport Gurneys.
Stretchers that are safe for use up to 3-Tesla.
MRI In Use Signs!
Warning / In Use Signs.
All types of warning signs from printed stickers, to lighted "MRI In Use" signs!
MRI Safe Wheelchairs!
Patient Wheelchairs which are safe up to 3-Tesla.