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Multi-layer, square field, manual collimator.

Ralco Collimators! Ralco's Multi-layer, square field, manual collimator.

With a lightweight and compact design this collimator is intended for installation on both mobile and stationary X-ray equipment.
This device has been designed and manufactured for skeletal investigations and ER applications.

The X-ray field is defined by six pairs of shutters, four of which are lead-lined. The six pairs of shutters move perpendicularly within the X-ray field. Two pairs of brass shutters are located near the focus, two are located near the entrance window and two are located near the exit window of the X-ray beam from the collimator. The latter shutters serve to accurately define the X-ray field edges. Shutter movements are manual, controlled by two knobs on the collimator front panel.

  • Projection Lamp: White LED
  • Single Layer Square Adjustable Field: 0x0cm to 48x48cm at 100cm SID
  • Mounting Plane at 80 mm (3.14") from the focus.
  • Continuous Film Coverage from Min: 00 x 00 cm to Max: 48 x 48 cm at 100 cm (40") SID.
  • Minimum Inherent Filtration: 2mm/Al equivalent
  • Accessory Guides are used for accessories and additonal filtration.
  • Retractable Tape mounted on the side of unit for measuring SID distance.
  • High brightness White LED simulating the X-ray field controlled by an electronic timer.
  • Minimum Inherent Filtration 2mm/Al equivalent.
  • Auto-centering top plate (RO 318) with high resistant resin mounting flange allowing +/-
  • 45° rotation of the collimator, the flange is included.
  • Dimensions: 270.5x183x168 mm
  • 6 Pairs of Shutters

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