Oprax Medical Inc.

PI-Spray and ProteX Sprays.

  • Clean & Disinfect Ultrasound and All Other equipment.
  • Contains NO alcohol, phenol or glutaraldehyde.
  • Safe for transducers, probes, etc.
  • Effective bactericide, fungicide, & virucide.
  • PreMixed, no need to add H20 to the bottle.
  • Use after each patient.
  • 250ml bottles; one (1) dozen bottles per case.

  • Protex disinfectant Spray cleans and disinfects Ultrasound equipment. Safe for transducers, probes, compression plates, and other surfaces. Alcohol Free. Effective bactericide, fungicide, and virucide. Kills MRSA, H1N1, HIV, and many others.
    Case of 12 bottles

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    ProteX™ Clean and Disinfect for H1N1
    around Ultrasound
    12 Bottles
    (250ml each)

    CleanScreen CR Plate Cleaning Kit.

    A complete CR Plate cleaning solution. Kit contains: (2) 8oz. Bottle of Cleaning Solution, (2) Dust free cloths and is packaged in a reusable caddy, also included Instructions and MSDS Sheets. This kit will eliminate all other plate cleaning supplies you may have been using. Engineered for all traditional CR plates and screens, regular use of the CleanScreen Kit can help ensure an artifact-free image. One kit will clean over 500 CR imaging plates.

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    CR Plate Cleaning Kit, Complete
    CleanScreen ONLY 16 oz. bottle
    AGFA Brand Cleaner ONLY, 4 Qty .5oz bottles

    X-Ray Intensifying Screen Cleaner.

  • Safe for use on all types of screens.
  • Alcohol Free!
  • 16oz Bottle.
  • Safe for use on CR imaging plates.

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    Wolf's FILM Screen Cleaning Accessories.

    Wolf! X-Ray Corporation
    Wolf Screen Cleaner
    The ideal cleaning solution for removing dirt, dust and fingerprints; increasing intensifying screen efficiency and prolonging screen life. It works as well on cassettes and illuminators, and comes in a large economical 12 oz plastic squeeze bottle.

    Double Sided Screen Tape
    Double sided screen tape is the easy way to mount intensifying screens that still allows removal. Comes in a roll ¾ inch wide, 36 yards long.

    Wolf Cassette Brush
    Designed specifically for cleaning lint and dust from screens, this high quality camel's hair brush features 1½" long, 3" wide bristles, firmly embedded in a metal collar attached to the varnished wooden handle.

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    Screen Cleaner
    12 oz. bottles
    Case of 4 bottles
    Double Sided Screen Tape
    1 Roll
    Cassette Brush (Camel's Hair)
    1 Brush