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Here is a quick directory to our most popular vet products!
Many other products are available besides what's shown here, use our QuickSearch!

Veterinary X-Ray Machines!
Portable X-Ray Generators. (4)
X-Ray units that plug into standard wall power and provide ample power for both field portable use as well as fixed/in-clinic radiographic capabilities. In addition, we carry a full line of stands and tables to go with your portable x-ray system!
JPI Portable Generators Soyee Portable Generators. DIS Ultra Series Portable Generators and Table.
Veterinary Dental Film!
Dental Film.
PetDent dental film features wide latitude for excellent image detail and a blue based emulsion for greater clarity and definition.
Equine Cassette Holders
Equine Cassette Holders
Stands that allow for the safe positioning of cassettes and CR-Plates during Equine exams.
Film Processors!
Film Processors.
The Agfa CP-1000, and JPI JP-33 are both popular with veterinary practitioner!
Agfa CP-1000  JPI JP-33
Lead Aprons!
Lead Aprons/Radiation Protective Aprons (92)
We have over 92 models of lead aprons to choose from in several different lead types!
Economy Frontal Protection Aprons with Buckles Frontal Protection Aprons with Tie's Frontal Protection Aprons with Velcro Wrap-Arounds Vests/Skirt/Kilts Weight Relievers
Specialized foam for veterinary positioning during radiographs.
Radiology Department Signs
X-Ray/Radiology safety signs, and one Veterinary specific sign.
Viewboxes for Vets!
Viewboxes that are popular with our small and large animal customers.
Thrifty-Lume Maxant Techline Perfect View Econobox Perfect View Standard Techno-Aide Standard Wolf Econoline Wolf Trimline Wolf MG-7